LiveDesktop costs less in the short and longer term.

In your pursuit of business, the only parts of any IT infrastructure that have any real value are your data, applications and convenient access to them. The rest is just costly and rapidly depreciating equipment and software and the expense of maintaining it. LiveDesktop eliminates the costs of purchasing, supporting and upgrading equipment and software. You only pay for the value-producing benefits and applications you need in a low, flat monthly rate.  

Companies using LiveDesktop can save up to 60% of the cost of owning a standard PC environment through advantages that include:  

  • Extending the life of current hardware
  • Replacing PCs with inexpensive thin client computers at half the cost with no loss in effectiveness
  • Increasing energy efficiency (a company now using 50 workstations could save $30,000 in electricity costs by switching to LiveDesktop and thin clients)
  • Eliminating costs of software licensing and upgrades
  • Avoiding investments in servers, backups, data loss protection and retrieval
  • Gaining free, 24/7 IT-related support
  • Support fees saved though 100% uptime

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