How it works

Pick your portal

With LiveDesktop, you can work from anywhere at anytime using your laptop, desktop, notebook, thin client, smartphone, Blackberry, iPhone and other mobile devices. Any device that connects to the Internet will give you instant and secure access to all your applications, files and data on LiveDesktop.

With LiveDesktop, your device is just a portal: an interface to an ultra-fast service hub. Thanks to our server-based processing, you don't even have to configure your workstation of choice to run your LiveDesktop applications. 

Optimize your hardware to reduce your expenses and your environmental footprint

Many of our clients increase the advantages they get from LiveDesktop by replacing their standard monitor-and-tower and laptop workstations with thin clients. Some of the benefits of this smart, cost-effective, green alternative include:

  • Cost savings: Thin clients typically cost only half the price of a quality laptop or desktop.
  • Greater energy efficiency: The average desktop computer consumes 100 to 300 watts of electricity. A thin client uses only 15 watts. A company now using 50 workstations could save $30,000 in electricity costs just by switching to LiveDesktop thin clients (source: IBM Dundee study). Since thin clients produce little or no heat, you can also lower your air conditioning expenses.  
  • Eco-friendly: Thin clients consume less power and produce less carbon dioxide than regular computers. They require far fewer materials to build and have a very long life expectancy. Thin clients represent only a minute portion of the hundreds of millions of computers disposed of each year in the US and Canada (of which only 15% to 20% are recycled). Using LiveDesktop and thin clients makes sense for your business and the environment. 
  • Improved reliability: A thin client is far less likely to break down because it has no hard drive, CPU fan or moving parts. That saves you more money in costly repairs, delays and downtime.

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