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LiveDesktop: The world's most effortless virtual office

The realities of traditional PC office environments include rapidly depreciating hardware, frequent software errors, security threats, connection headaches, maintenance and support actions, downtime, renewals and licensing fees, managing file backups and wasting time waiting for programs to open, execute or reboot. LiveDesktop users don’t worry about any of that.  

Some call LiveDesktop the very best in cloud computing, virtual office, remote desktop or managed services. Our clients just call it amazing. For a low monthly fee, you can enjoy an ultra-fast, ultra-secure turnkey hosted desktop solution that eliminates your need to buy and maintain hardware and software. With LiveDesktop, any internet enabled device becomes your secure portal to an ultra-fast service hub. You can access your virtual IT system from anywhere at any time and enjoy immediate access to all of your favorite applications, tools, files, emails and critical data.  


Zero learning curve

LiveDesktop is faster and less complicated than your current setup. It is exactly like using your current computer and applications when they are performing flawlessly - only faster. Whether you use your old office desktop, your child's computer, a PDA or a notebook, your applications will always be lightning fast and they will never freeze or slow down over time. Processing speed is irrelevant when your computer is not a software-packed operating platform and multitask performer.

Lower your IT costs and headaches. Pay only for the resources you need. Add software, storage and user accounts with a click. Save time and boost productivity. Never be without your critical files or have your productivity tied to one machine. Experience the same peak performance from anywhere at any time.

These are just some of the benefits of using LiveDesktop. Make them yours today.


 How it works

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