How it works

Experience the ultimate in data protection and peace of mind

LiveDesktop delivers defense-in-depth data security involving multi-level protection, access control, state-of-the art technology and ultra-secure servers and facilities.

Backup & disaster recovery

With LiveDesktop, you never have to worry about lost work. Every LiveDesktop user benefits from a comprehensive backup solution that includes daily backup of all data. Your data is actually made doubly secure since we backup all data at our primary datacenter to a second facility to guarantee a higher level of security and redundancy. Each daily backup is retained for 30 days and you can recover your files from any Web-enabled computer.

Always own your data

Even if you lose a laptop, your critical company data will remain safe. Your files are always securely stored and backed up on our servers - not on your devices. With LiveDesktop, you always remain the sole owner of your data. You can cancel your contract at anytime and we will still give you the continued support and unrestricted access you need to facilitate the transfer of your data. Once you confirm that the transfer is complete, we delete your data from our system.


Malicious viruses and programs have been increasing in number, frequency and sophistication. With LiveDesktop, you will never have to experience the frustration and anxiety of threats that can corrupt your files and sabotage productivity. LiveDesktop comes with the most advanced anti-everything protection to keep your network free from viruses, spam and other threats.

Access control

Password protected via an ultra-secure login, LiveDesktop enables you to control exactly who accesses specific files, folders and software applications. While limiting the ability of your employees to pursue personal interests on company time, LiveDesktop gives you the flexibility to add users and grant access with just a few clicks.

Physical & logistical security

Data on LiveDesktop is far more secure than on any in-house server. Our data centers are some of the most physically and logistically secure infrastructures in our industry. Our principle facility was originally built as a treatment center for a major bank. The building is completely self sustained and operate flawlessly through month-long power outages and Tier1 internet provider failures. Our data center’s security features include:

  • Restricted key card access throughout the facility
  • Biometrics controlled access
  • Over 20 live cameras with motion detection
  • On-site security personnel and authorization protocols
  • Monitored alarm system
  • A comprehensive Network Operation Center (NOC) that controls every aspect of the network
  • A 24/7 monitoring system, listening in on all incoming and outgoing traffic in real-time
  • Highly secure, resilient and redundant firewalls to prevent any serious outside attacks
  • Advanced anti-everything protection against viruses, spam and threats
  • Pre-action sprinkler and Halon fire suppression systems
  • Temperature, humidity and liquid detectors
  • Cooling and humidity controlled by 9 Liebert computer room units (total of 146 ton capacity)

ZeroFail even keeps living quarters for its Senior System Administrator minutes away from our facility to ensure quick access to the Operation Center in case of an emergency. We also have a second, fully independent data center in downtown Montreal that provides an additional layer of redundancy.

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